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Aug 06

“Spade and Sperduti have eschewed the idea that the best way to sell a product is to tell your customers what they should think about it. Instead, they believe that a brand should speak for itself through its interactions with customers. Those interactions, in turn, must be driven by an authentic and clear brand vision. The general idea, says Spade, is that no matter the size of your company, your brand should “act small.”” — The Power of Brand Identity |

Aug 05


Jul 31

“The modern engineer, while blessed with libraries and frameworks that remove complexity in order to focus on the problem at hand, is still constrained by the need to walk up and down a ladder of abstraction levels. Software engineering is not yet plumbing — or Legos — because our standards are incomplete, our libraries incompatible, scaling is still not free and our software still buggy. All require the creator to leave his or her rung on the ladder of abstraction.” — The Happy Demise of the 10X Engineer | Andreessen Horowitz

Jul 24

“I won’t lie though. At a certain point, I got distracted. Some guy named Richard cold emailed me and offered to help me redesign my website. We spent time working on it and editing it together … Guess what? The design change didn’t affect my sales at all.” — How I grew Sumo Jerky to $10,000 a month

Jul 21

It struck me that part of the reason we always stay jacked in is that we want everyone — at the other end of the phone, on Facebook and Twitter, on the web, on email — to know that we are part of the now. If we look away, we worry we will disappear.

We are all on that train, the one that left print behind, the one where we are constantly in real time, where we know a little about everything and nothing about anything, really. And there is no quiet car.

(Source: The New York Times)

Jun 04

“…we have an economic system that, by its very nature, will always reward people who make other people’s lives worse and punish those who make them better. I’m thinking of a labor movement, but one very different than the kind we’ve already seen. A labor movement that manages to finally ditch all traces of the ideology that says that work is a value in itself, but rather redefines labor as caring for other people.” — David Graeber: “Spotlight on the financial sector did make apparent just how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded” -

May 29

“Whenever people complain in the winter, I want them to step back and appreciate what they have. Wait until perspiration soaks through your clothing daily. Wait until humidity violates you repeatedly. Wait until your electric bill is ten million dollars because any moment without freezing artificial air is unacceptable. Wait until you have to navigate the thick crowds of people who are finally brave enough to come outside. It’s a battle you cannot win. Winter is different. You bundle up. You’’e prepared. In the summer, you aimlessly wander. You’re out in the open. You’re vulnerable.” — Winter Is Better Than Summer | Four Pins

Apr 30

Entrepreneurial Hurdles -


For our penultimate class for the semester last week, we asked the students to pair off and perform root cause analysis on a failure they experienced this semester. They summarized the conversations they had with the rest of the class, and these were the themes that…

One of my favorite classes in the SVA IxD MFA, and I’m thankful I can observe, send along some support (via Kickstarter) to some of the projects, and share in the lessons learned vicariously through this blog.

Apr 14

“Creating something great requires that you surround yourself with people who will do whatever it takes to get it right. It’s an obsession, and it’s fueled by caring. Finding these people is hard, but they are supremely worth it. When people who care attack a problem, magical things tend to happen.” —

Dec 11

“Because happiness requires struggle. You can only avoid pain for so long before it comes roaring back to life.” — The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself Today | Mark Manson